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Rules to Live By

We Are What We Think

Happy Weekend My Friends!!
We are what we think about all day long. If we think happy thoughts... we'll be happy.
If we think depressing thoughts... we'll be depressed.
If we think about illnesses and weakness... we'll be ill and weak.
If we think we will fail... we certainly will.
When we THINK POSITIVE we will attract the positive into our life.
I have overcome hopelessness, poverty, serious illness and hurricane distruction... so can you!!
Think HEALTH, WEALTH AND HAPPINESS all day long! I love you

Make It A Great Day!

TODAY - NOVEMBER FIRST We must not let this be just another day  in our life. We must see this day as a day given to us as a blessing. And, the appropriate response is gratefulness!! We must be grateful for what this GREAT DAY will be! We must see it as the FIRST day and the LAST day of our life. Let's begin by opening our eyes to the beauty of the ever-changing sky and the many magnificent colors all around us. Let's look into the faces of the people we meet - each one has a story of success and failure, love and loss!
WE must be aware of what we see, touch, say and do. We must open our hearts and let these incredible gifts flow through us so that everyone we meet today will be blessed by us... by our smile, our love, and just by our being here on this little dot in the sky. We must let these great blessings overflow all around us - MAKE IT A GREAT DAY!   

The Well-Being of Ourself Depends On...

The well-being of ourself and the quality of our life depends on our spiritual advancement.
Life on planet Earth gives us a time to experience frustration, pain and anger. How we handle these situations depends on our Faith in God and in ourself, and in our ability to gather strength from our higher self.
We overcome the unwanted when we (1) accept the lessons they bring, (2) forgiver those who have caused us pain and (3) give thanks for the lesson.
Remaining angry and bitter only makes us a lessor being and brings illness to the body. We must learn to forgive and open our hearts to the happiness, joy, and love that is there for our taking. Remaining bitter without forgiveness is cheating ourself!! Say,"I forgive." I love you and I'm sending you God's blessings of peace, hope, joy and good health always.

Take Time To Make Contact

Today... Take the time to make contact with your Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Grandparents, Children, Grandchildren or any others who you love and tell them just how much you love them and are glad they are in your life.
It's never too late to say "I love you", unless you've waited too long!
May God continue to bless you and keep you from harm. I love you - my family and friends - I truly do!!

Attached To It vs. Appreciate It?

APPRECIATION attracts - ATTACHMENT pushes away!
Appreciation for something brings feelings of pure joy;
Attachment to something brings feelings of fear!

When it comes to something you want in your life, appreciation attracts, and attachment pushes away.
If you are feeling afraid that you will lose what you have, then you just may!

Work on changing your feelings of attachment to feelings of appreciation, until all your fears have gone. Here's wishing your life be filled with appreciation and joy - Why? because I love you, my friends.