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Know This: If The Psychic Or The Medium...

If the psychic or the medium asks you a lot of questions. This is called a cold reading... and it is never psychic nor is it accurate. A true psychic or medium should never have to ask you more than your NAME and BIRTHDAY to give you an honest reading...

My Psychic/Medium Code of Ethics...

1. It is the responsibility of the psychic/medium to be honest.
2. It is the responsibility of the psychic/medium to give proof and validation of the communication with the Spirit of a loved one.
3. It is the responsibility of the psychic/medium not to impede on your free, will, nor to say or do anything that will cause dismay in any way.
4. It is the responsibility of the psychic/medium to know and to admit when they not correct or when spiritual contact is not there.
5. It is the responsibility of the psychic/medium to focus for the highest good of all.
In my opinion - There are too many "wanna-be" psychic/mediums who do not live by this code!

Helping Others By Using HSP...

 Helping others by using HSP (Higher Sensory Perception) is a good thing, but it certainly isn't doing God's work.
 God doesn't need to employ 'psychic readers' to do His work!! So, PLEASE stop saying "God is my employer."

  If you are working as a Psychic/Medium PLEASE be humble and show respect for God.
 Then and only then, will you be honest in the work that you do.
 Then and only then will you know what God and goodness is really like. Stay in the light my Psychic friends. God loves you and I do, too...

Being A Former Psychic Researcher...

Being a former psychic researcher and investigator, I know it is possible to receive spirit messages.
The spirit of our loved ones may or may not wish to communicate with us after they have left the body. I believe the choice is theirs, and we should respect their choice.
I do not like 'ghost hunts', nor do I like games where there is an attempt to 'call up the dead'; these can be very dangerous practices!!
A good and sincere medium can communicate with the spirits of our loved ones.
We may also be able to communicate and interact with the spirit of our loved ones - usually in dreams. It is never too late to say "good-bye",
"I love you", or "I'm sorry". Our words will be heard!
Another thing I want you to know - Every time we think of a loved one who has crossed over, if we say, "God rest your soul", the loved one feels our love and their spirit will become brighter, lighter and closer to God. Stay in the light my friends. I love you...

What Are Dreams?

Dreams are often a way for the subconscious to make us aware of what we do not want to face on a conscious level.
A dream is usually like a stage play, using characters and scenes that have recently been placed in our subconscious.
For example...if you recently visited a zoo, your message will likely involve animals; if you recently viewed a person or a place, your message will likely involve such.
Now, think, what message was your subconscious trying to get through to you last night? Are you putting off seeing the doctor, dentist, lawyer, or any other thing that you should be doing?