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Meditation Can Help Us Find Our...

Meditation Can Help Us Find Our Purpose In Life...
Meditation is a tool in the development of self-awareness.
As we grow in self-awareness, we will begin to discover our God-given talents and our  true purpose in life.
If you don't already practice meditation, I encourage you to take 15-20 minutes each day, sit quietly, meditate and listen to the small voice within.
Before you begin each meditation session, ask yourself:
Who am I? What is my  purpose in life? 
It doesn’t matter whether answers come to you immediately. Simply ask the questions and let them go as you enter the inner quiet of meditation.
The answers may come immediately or it  may take as long as 21 days before you receive the answers. But, the answers will come. When you find your purpose in life - you will know - you will feel peaceful and enjoy what you’re doing as you grow in spirit and serve others. 
When you are truly in tune with your purpose in life  - you will not focus on self-fame or self-monetary gain !!  Your God-given talents will be used for the purpose of self-growth and to benefit others in their search for spiritual growth. 
Stay in the light my friends. God loves you and I love you...

Knowing and Getting In Touch With...

 Knowing and getting in touch with our Spiritual Guides is not something that we can achieve in a 'one day exercise'. It is a gradual process of self-awareness, self-discovery, and a better understanding of who we truly are - A Soul in a physical body.
 It takes a great deal of commitment, dedication and a genuine desire to become aware that our spiritual guides are there for us every moment of every day!!
The good news is, that they are there if we know it or not. And, anybody can achieve a sense of peace and the feeling of being loved - Who wouldn't want that? Time to begin using the exercise I have given to you. Stay in the light my friends. I love you...

FYI - It Is Important That We...

FYI - It is important that we center ourselves and cleanse our energy centers, so that our Spiritual Guides will have less negative energy to get through... [Angels - Second & third energy centers of the physical body. Helpers - Third & fourth energy centers of the physical body. Teachers - Fourth, fifth & sixth energy centers of the physical body
Master Guides - Seventh energy center of the physical body]

Place your feet firmly on the ground, hands at your side (or resting on your lap if sitting), eyes closed, take a deep breath and slowly exhale.
As you slowly exhale visualize all the negative energy leaving your body and traveling deep into the fire at the center of the earth. Do this until you feel light and free of all negative energy.
Then, visualize a clear, bright light radiating down from above, entering your skull and flowing down to fill every pore in your body. Stay in the light my friends. I love you...

To Be Aware That We Are Never ...

To Be Aware that We Are Never Truly Alone - we must
1. Pay attention to our physical body.
2. Pay attention to the energy that surrounds our body (our aura).
3. Pay attention to the energy within our body (the Chakras).
4. Pay attention to our emotions and our feelings.
5. Pay attention to our thoughts and our words.
Then, we must shift the emphasis from our ego self and the world around us to our true self and our true purpose for being on this little blue dot in the sky. We must learn to quiet our mind and focus, or quiet our mind and meditate. Then, and only then, will we BECOME AWARE that we are never truly alone. Stay in the light my friends. I love you...

When We Sit In Silence...

When we sit in silence, in meditation, we will discover that Love and Compassion begins to flow.
We will also discover that Love and Compassion are the keys that unlock the door to our higher consciousness.
                                           Meditate and stay in the light my friends.