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A Rose for My Mother

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 Anyone know of a reason why I CANNOT get APEX REVIEWS to respond to my messages. They accepted my money and now they won't answer my questions about why they haven't provided me with the service I paid for many months ago!!!

Even If TheReader Isn't A Believer In...

"Even if the reader is not a believer in parapsychology and the secret forces around us, the book does make one a believer in the forces within us, and the perseverance we all need. She is not a bad role model." - JOPLIN INDEPENDENT (Jack L. Kennedy)

"Canfield's story is an incredible account of childhood neglect and her power to triumph in a life riddled with obstacles. An inspirational, unsentimental tale of overcoming the odds."

  "I cannot begin to describe how much I really enjoyed A Rose for My Mother. Anyone who enjoys Dickens will love this autobiography (and I'm not an autobiography fan)." - THE READING CAN (Tabitha Holmes)

I Know There Has Always Been A...

I know there has always been a guiding energy presence beside me to help me, wherever I go, and whatever I do.
I didn’t say “I believe;” I said, “I know,” because I have seen, heard, or felt a guiding energy presence many times throughout my life. Those experiences have convinced me that we are never truly alone!
I also know that hopes and wishes may come true – when we believe!
My memoir, A Rose for My Mother, will add to the understanding of the human spirit. I am also convinced that my life story may be of value to those interested in the study of identity formation.
“Learning only occurs in response to challenges, and Nancy has written an absorbing account of how, in her case, overcoming incredible challenges has led to the emergence of a higher intelligence. It is not only a tale of triumph over adversity, but of the certainty of rescue from hopelessness.” - Dr. Edward Green, Ph.D., Emeritus, Guerry Professor of Psychology

Excerpts From 'A Rose For My Mother'...

Excerpt from "A Rose for My Mother' ... Uncle Hank grabbed me by the arm, pulled me into the kitchen through the living room, and down the hall. He pushed me into the bedroom and threw me onto the bed. His lips thinned as he tightened his mouth, his nostrils flared as he sucked in his breath. He looked really mad and had a silly grin on his face. “I’ll teach you to do what you’re told!” He took of...f his belt, and whipped me- and he whipped me - and he whipped me!
“I didn’t do anything wrong. I didn’t do anything wrong,” I cried out, over and over, sobbing in pain from the stings of the leather strap, and gasping for air as I tried to catch my breath. I must have hyperventilated because I lost consciousness. When I opened my eyes, it was dark outside. Looking out the bedroom window, I saw a blinking light off in the distance. It reminded me of an angel, all white and glowing. I ached and I was sore all over, but I kept looking at the blinking light until I fell asleep...

From this experience, I learned that ''people come into our lives and things happen to us for a reason. There are no Good or Bad Experiences! Unjust treatment, lost love, stupid moments and even illness all occur to teach, and to test the greatness of our soul.
Sometimes things happen to us, and at the time they seem painful and unfair - but within our soul lies the knowledge that these things will make us stronger and more loving. Remember this - We are never truly alone in our successes and in our struggles. Stay in the light my friends. I love you...

It Was The Second Semester of the School Year When...

 "It was the second semester of the school year when I walked into the sixth-grade classroom at the Clarence school. It must have been obvious that I wasn’t one of the privileged kids. I didn’t belong in the nice suburbs of the city. I knew it and the kids in school knew it because they didn’t welcome me into their small groups of friends. I was used to not having school friends when I lived with my family, but now without my family and familiar surroundings, the isolation was emotionally painful. I sat at the kitchen table doing my homework, with tears blurring my eyes.
“Give them time; they will like you when they get to know you,” Mrs. Ford said, putting her arm around my shoulder, when I told her why I was sad.
“I don’t want them to get to know me. I don’t want them to know I’m a foster child,” I whimpered quietly, as the stream of tears ran down my face. My heart ached for my family. I loved them, I missed them, and I wept for them. I wondered if they were thinking of me and if they were missing me, too. ~  'A Rose for My Mother' page 104

A request to all you young people returning to school:
1. Please step-up and say something if you see someone being bullied.
2. Please say "hello" to someone who seems shy.
3. Please give a smile to someone who may appear to have less than you.

Your small acts of kindness may be treasures to them! Stay in the light my friends. I love you...