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July 2012

Stay Curious

Curiosity is a key and a vital thread to fashioning our life with greater meaning. Curiosity, allows us the chance, to ask open-ended and important questions.
Curiosity awakens our mind and our spirit, and initiates a desire from within to learn. When something isn’t really clear, it becomes a stimulant for learning.
It would be a good idea to make curiosity a conscious practice, along with our daily affirmations of love and acceptance. It would be a good idea to become more curious about everyday life.
When searching and learning, we are choosing to take greater risks that may lead to our greater success.
As a curious individual, we learn to embrace uncertainty, and see our lives as an exciting and enjoyable adventure. Curiosity has most assuredly kick- started many of life's greatest achievements.
KNOW THIS: Curiosity isn’t the same as taking foolish risks or living with danger!! Curiosity is the search truth and knowledge

The Mind Controls The Body

FYI: Relaxation, Cleansing and Meditation all require the same discipline and technique. The body posture with all these exercises should be in a comfortable sitting position with feet flat on the floor, palms resting comfortably on your thighs or in your lap. This allows freedom of awareness in the flow of meditative thoughts.
You will find that after practicing the relaxation and cleansing exercises several times, you will have developed the ability to control the emotional you. Your body will follow the command of your own mind. Whenever you feel yourself becoming tense, take a few slow, even, deep breaths and tell yourself to relax.
I have taken the following exercises from the scripts of the recordings that I made available to my students in their daily practice in developing their higher sensory perception. I suggest that you read these exercises slowly, pausing where I have placed ellipses. If you choose to, you also can record the words of the following exercises and play them back, allowing you to be your own guide in the practice of developing your higher sensory perception. I will begin with the relaxation exercise.
Relaxation Exercise
Get very comfortable…as comfortable as you can and close your eyes…take a slow, even, deep, breath…and tell yourself to relax…know that the body follows the command of the mind…Take another slow, even, deep breath…and tell yourself to relax…know that a relaxed state of consciousness is an altered state of higher awareness. Take another slow, even, deep, breath…and relax…know that you will always awaken from this and any altered state of consciousness...fully refreshed, fully relaxed and totally alert.
Let your mind travel to the area of your feet…fully and totally put
your mind in your feet…tense up the muscles in your feet…tense up the muscles in your toes and feet…feel those muscles, tense and tight…hold that tension…and relax…totally relax…feel those muscles becoming loose and relaxed…feel the tension as it leaves your feet…becoming more loose and relaxed.
Now leave your feet loose and relaxed and move up to your calves…with your mind’s awareness feel your calves…tense up the muscles in your calves…and relax…totally relax…feel those muscles becoming loose and relaxed…tell yourself…lovingly and gently, tell yourself to relax…relax a little bit more…deeper and deeper relaxed…totally and peacefully relaxed.
Move up to your thighs…with your mind’s awareness feel your thighs…tense up the muscles in your thighs…and relax…feel them becoming loose and relaxed…loose and relaxed…your feet, calves, and thighs feel very light…they are filled with awareness of relaxed peace…totally relaxed…loose and relaxed.
Move your mind into the area of your hips and lower back…feel your hips and lower back with your inner awareness…tense up the muscles of that area…and relax…feel them becoming loose and relaxed…relax a little bit more…loose and relaxed…deeper and deeper relaxed…know this feeling of relaxation…feel the peace of a relaxed body…loose and relaxed.
Move your mind into the area of your stomach and solar plexus…
tense up these muscles…and relax…totally relax…feel the tension as it leaves your body…all the muscles are becoming loose and relaxed…all your intestines, muscles and organs are functioning properly and in perfect health…loose and relaxed.
Slowly…very slowly…take a slow, even, deep breath…and slowly…
very slowly…exhale…and tell yourself to relax…feel yourself becoming deeper and deeper relaxed…loose and relaxed…another slow even deep breath…and slowly exhale…now relax…tell yourself to relax…relax a little bit more.
Tense up the muscles in your back…hunch up your shoulders…tense up the muscles in your chest…with your mind’s awareness feel this tension…know this is the feeling of tension…now relax…loose and relaxed…know that the body follows the commands of the mind…tell yourself to relax…feel the tension as it leaves your body…your body is becoming loose and relaxed…fully alert…and totally relaxed…loose and relaxed.
Move into your upper arms…lower arms…and hands…tense up these muscles…make a tight clenched fist…feel that tension with your mind’s awareness…and relax…open your fists and relax…relax the upper arms…lower arms, hands and fingers…feel them as all the tension leaves…feel them becoming loose and relaxed…totally and fully relaxed…loose and relaxed…to the very tips of your fingers…loose and relaxed.
Your neck…tense up the muscles in your neck…your scalp…the top of your head and forehead…tense up the muscles around your eyes…cheeks, jaw and tongue…make a tense, taut, tight face…hold that tension…and relax…tell yourself to relax…loose and relaxed…feel your neck…your scalp…the top of your head…your forehead…feel them becoming loose and relaxed…the area around your eyes…your cheeks…your jaw…your tongue…loose and relaxed…all the tension is gone…you are completely relaxed. A slight smile comes to your face as you feel total peace…you are completely and fully relaxed…feel the lightness of your being…know that this is the feeling of a relaxed body…in your mind’s awareness…see all the muscles completely relaxed…loose and relaxed…all the tension has left your body…feel the life energy that radiates from your body…feel yourself fully aware…fully alert…fully refreshed…and fully relaxed.
Know that anytime you desire this peaceful state of awareness you
need only to sit quietly and tell yourself to relax. Your body will follow the command of your mind.
You may open your eyes and you will remain completely relaxed, completely refreshed and fully alert with awareness of

The Purpose of Life

 The Purpose of Life:
 To know love, peace and joy; to live young at heart and to laugh more; to tread lightly, live rich in spirit and to be forever learning; to practice humility and to allow ourself the gift of new experiences; to respect and cherish those which we love which are family and friends. The purpose in life is to practice truth and appreciate beauty in all forms; to have the love of God in our life as well as the love of self; to treat others as we would like to be treated. We should welcome change as growth. Know that we are capable of great things!! We must visualize, plan and execute our hearts desires and keep all our options open to the fact that - anything is possible! NLC

Ask The Right Questions

Man: Asking a beautiful woman that he just met, " Marry me?"
Woman: Do you have a house?
Man: No 
Woman: Do you have a BMW
Man: No
Woman: How much is your salary?
Man: No salary
Woman: Please leave - you have nothing - I can't marry you!!
Man: Thinking to himself as he leaves... I have a villa, a condo, three other properties, a Ferrari and a Porsche now I need a house and a BMW?! And, I guess I need to start taking a salary from the company I own besides the million dollar dividends each year.

Expect The Unexpected

 Expect the unexpected. No one knows how things will develop or how they will turn out. The best-laid plans, the most detailed preparation may fail; the most heartfelt, well- intentioned promises may not be fulfilled. Life has an amazing way of changing the most well-thought-out plans. When this occurs, and you can be sure that it will, TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS and, when
necessary, adjust your focus. When the unexpected strikes, it may be time to move in new directions. NLC.