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June 2011

The Mysteries of a Woman

"There is Nothing Like a Dame." You may or may not have heard that song from the movie South Pacific, but back in 1949 women were know to be "special." And, may I add, that as the "weaker sex," woman were treated as such - men opened the heavy entrance doors to the restaurants and they helped us into the car, so we could gather our skirts before the car door closed. In today's world, women are becoming closer to equality of the sexes - such as equal pay for equal work and the same civil and social rights that men have.  I believe these changes have been long overdue!! 
However, we must wonder if we haven't thrown the baby out with the bath water? In the battle for Womens Rights "feminine mystique" has been severely wounded, and may even be dead! Everywhere I look - schools, churches, restaurants and shopping malls - I see young girls and older women exposing their bodies in ways that should be limited to the beaches and bedrooms. These women have taken away the mystery and the challenge that men have so loved.
Feminine mystique may be dead, but the feminine soul still lives!!
1.) A woman knows that with age comes a whole new set of rules.
2.) A woman's beauty may fade, but her accessories never grow old.
3.) A woman knows the power of a fabulous, hot pink, feather boa.
4,) A woman knows sunglasses can also be used as eye make-up.
5.) A woman always thinks big - Big Hopes and Big Dreams.
What Say You?                 

Dreams Have Meanings

Dreams try to tell us what we sometimes don't want to hear. They give us insight into what we consciously block out because of either fear or not paying attention. Dreams don't lie!
Learning to interpret them will provide us with a better understanding of what is going on in the sub-conscious of our life. 
In dreams, we may also find answers to situations that have been puzzling us...or receive messages that are warnings or predictions.
1.) The moment you wake up write down your dreams. Do not wait for morning or you will forget them. Write a brief description of the symbols and details.
2.) In the morning, the first thing is to determine what kind of message you were getting. Was it about a)your physical being, b) your emotional/mental being, or c)was it a spiritual message?
3.) Analyze the symbols. Look at each object and each person in the dream and ask yourself what does this object mean to me and how does this person represent me? 
4.) Connect the dream to a problem, interest, or activity in your life. 
5.) Own the emotions you felt in the dream...dreams don't lie!
1.) In your dreams , you loose your purse or wallet. INTERPRETATION...you have a deep hidden fear of not having security. You should work on becoming more secure.
2.) In your dream, you forgot where you parked your car and can't find it. INTERPRETATION...you feel that you lost control of your life or feel helpless in a situation. - You should take steps that will give you back control of your life or get some help for the situation.    
What say you?

A Man's Attraction

It May Come As A Surprise to You Men, But The truth Is - WOMEN ARE Attracted to What's In Your Back Pocket More Than What's In The Front Of your Pants !
One thing that is definitely not attractive to a woman is when a man reveals too much - including his underwear showing, facial hair and self indulgence. 
Most woman have a highly developed sense of smell and are attracted to a man with a clean scent and a hint of cologne or after shave. 
Maybe it isn't fare but - Women are attracted to men who can PROVIDE, PROTECT and PROCLAIM their loyalty with a marriage proposal. 
You are wasting your time and traveling the wrong path if you believe one night stands and casual sex will bring you lasting happiness. If you are unlucky in love, perhaps you haven't taken your manhood seriously. 
Times Up - Grow Up - Step Up and Be The Man You Were Meant To Be !
What say you?

A Woman's Allure

A Woman's Allure Isn't In What She Reveals - It's In What She Doesn't Reveal.
There is an old saying that I firmly believe, "Less is more." Gypsy Rose Lee, the most famous stripper of her time, knew a man's imagination was better than his eye-sight. She didn't have to strip off her clothes to allure men! Today, females are showing and giving too much. What has happened to "Feminine Mystique"? For generations men have been attracted to women who have a little mystery and who are hard to catch. Men like fishing in a stream, not in a bucket where there is no challenge.
Men usually desire to know everything about a woman. they will even want to know the details about your male friends or partners. It isn't wise to answer these questions by confessing or complaining about the other men in your life.
If you haven't been lucky in love, perhaps you have revealed or given too much of yourself. My R.N. daughter founded a program called "Born Again Virgin," in which girls and women cease having casual sex. I propose another program called "Born Again Lady," in which girls and women cease to expose themselves and remain mysterious!! What say you? 

Heaven isn't a place!

Our state of awareness - our mind - does pass into another dimension of life when we leave the body. We call that dimension "heaven".    
But, heaven can be here on Earth...because HEAVEN IS LOVE AND PEACE !!
Love, goodness, sharing, caring and walking in the light are the ways of heaven on Earth.
God's light is within each and everyone of us, although the light may shine more brightly in some than in others, nevertheless, God's light is within all of us. We are all God's creation regardless of race, gender, religion, politics, or other defining factors.
When we look for and recognize the truth -that God is within everyone -we will change how we perceive others. We will have greater empathy and understanding. We will no longer judge their life choices and circumstances as wrong...even if you don't agree with them.
Look for the light in others and you will brighten the light within yourself. The light of love, peace and grace will be heaven on Earth. Namaste.
                    MAY THE GOD IN ME SEE THE GOD IN YOU