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The Pathway To Higher Sensory Perception

I believe meditation is the pathway that leads to higher awareness - an awareness of things that are not usually known by using our physical sense alone.FOR EXAMPLE HIGHER AWARENESS IS:
Clairvoyance = Seeing... beyond the physical world. 
Clairaudience = Hearing... sounds on the astral plane and in the afterlife.
Clairsentience = Touching... and sensing unseen energies. 
Telepathy = Mentally... communicating with others.
Psychometry = Feeling ...an object and knowing things about the people or the event associated with that object.
Because I was a foster child, the local children weren't too friendly with me. That may be the reason I would, sometimes, close the door to the "real world" and tune into my inner self. I'm assuming that closing the door to the "real world" and opening the door to my inner self is what activated an area of the mind that brought about Higher Sensory Perception. 
Did you know that we are all naturally endowed with the ability to develop higher sensory perception, which I call HSP not ESP? And, did you know that HSP is a natural ability of our own higher self? And, did you know that our higher self is connected to a higher level of pure energy that can protect, heal and help us when called upon?
There is nothing strange or mysterious about HSP - it is our own higher self - the counterpart to the same everyday actions in our lives, only on a higher level. Are you using your HSP? 

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