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May 2011

God Bless The Children

GOD BLESS THE CHILDREN and give me the strength to champion for them. Amen. Today, we are hearing more and more horror stories about child neglect or abuse and even parents murdering their own children. What craziness is this - that children are no longer loved and cherished???
We may not be able to stop these things from happing but we can do something!! We can become more aware of the children in our area - where we live and where we go about our daily activities.
A child is not a possession - something owned by the parent. A CHILD IS FIRST AND FOREMOST A CITIZEN. As a citizen of the United States of America, the child has the same rights as any adult. If we see a parent or anyone either physically or emotionally neglecting or abusing a child we must not look the other way - we must stand up and speak up...or report it to the proper authorities.
Our brave men and women in the military are standing strong in foreign lands so that we citizens, both children and adults, may enjoy freedom and the constitutional rights of joy and happiness - we must be brave enough to do the same on the home front. Let us all do our part in ending the child neglect, abuse and bullying.            

Now Is The Time

Have you thought about how much others really mean to you and how much they would appreciate hearing the words that would bring joy to their hearts? Do not put it off any longer. NOW IS THE TIME -
Make it a point to give one of the following messages to each and every person in your life:  
1.) I love you and everything about you -your strengths and your weakness.
2.) I love your spirit - the God part in you that recognizes the same God part in me.
3.) I respect you and everything you do to make this world a better place.
4.) I enjoy being with you - not because of who you are, but because who I am when I am with you. 
It should never be taken for granted that our loved ones, family, friends and co-workers know how we feel... Not everyone has the ability to read minds.
I think we all know that words can break a heart and can also heal a broken heart...Words, once spoken, can live on forever in our hearts and in our minds.
I think we have all heard the saying that "words are cheap," meaning they don't count for much... I would like to put a different spin on that cliche - "It doesn't cost anything to verbally express your feelings."  
Let me add ONE MORE REMINDER  - God loves you, not because of what you do or what you don't do, or because of who you are - but because of who He is!!  

Message From God

1.) If you missed the morning sunrise, don't worry. I will make another tomorrow.
2.) Bless the days when you need an umbrella. I am just watering the flowers for you. 
3.) Please do not drink and drive, and do not text while driving. You are not ready to see me yet.
4.) Respect the air you breath. Do not smoke and do not pollute the clean air I gave you. And respect the trees that recycle the air.
5.) I remember perfectly, making you. Have you kept yourself in that same shape?
6.) I have given you ten simple commandments. What part of "you should not"...don't you understand?
7.) Come to my house on Sunday - before you do other things, and bring the children. We need to talk.
REMEMBER this - Whatever road you choose, I will be walking beside you! And if need be, I will carry your cross - you are never truly alone, you have Me.

Better Safe than Sorry

   "Things always happen when we least expect them." That may, or not, be true, My feeling is that we should be ready for whatever life brings our way -when we expect the unexpected, we will be better for it. We must be prepared to leave our home in short notice. The following are some things we can do NOW to be ready:
1. In a water-tight, plastic bag or container, keep photo copies of all important documents i.e. birth certificates, marriage license, social security cards, drivers license, list of phone numbers and a list of all medications you and family members are taking.     
2. In a money pouch, belt, or sock place twenty-five (or more) $1 bills.
   Keep these in the same area with your medications, which of course, must be ready to go with you if you are forced to flee your home in a hurry. Although it may not always be necessary to leave your home when the forces of nature bring unexpected surprises, you may not be able to obtain some things. For every family member - keep on hand, a two-week supply of:
1. Fresh drinking water
2. Easy to prepare food
3. Essential first aid items
4. Personal hygiene items  
  Of course, you know the rest - candles, matches, flashlights, portable radio, extra batteries, etc., etc. etc. Now, that we are ready, we can relax and know that we will be prepared for whatever comes our way.