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May 2011

Legend of the Tiger

A father was teaching his young son about character building and how he would become the kind of man he would become someday. 
He said to his son, " A terrible fight is going on inside of you, me and everyone while we are still young - and sometimes it continues throughout our adult years. It is  battle between two tigers; one is evil and has anger, envy and greed in his heart; the other is good and has joy, peace and love in his heart."
The young boy thought for a moment, then he asked his father, "Which tiger, within me, will win the fight?"
His father simply replied, "The one you feed."

What Are You Waiting For?

I'm sure you've heard the saying, "Time waits for no one."
And, no one knows how many grains of sand they have left for their time here on Earth.
If you were allowed to make a few phone calls, or speak to others before your time ran out who would you want to phone or talk to - your partner? your children? family members? neighbors? What would you say to them? 
If you had only one day where you could not make contact with anyone, what would you do?

Do It Now !

Do you put things off, waiting for conditions to be perfect? Did you ever say: 
1.)"I'll invite my friends over when I get new furniture."
2.) "When I pay off my bills, I'll plan a vacation."
3.) I'll go back to school and finish my degree when any children are out of college."
4.) "I'll start my diet after the holidays." Or, "I'll buy a new dress after I lose weight."
5.) "Someday, I'm going to learn how to paint, play the piano or learn the new dance steps."
TIME has a way of moving faster as we grow older - the years get shorter and our "to do" list grows longer. Do you often find yourself saying, - "I Plan On, Someday, Tomorrow, Later, After, When?" These words need to be replaced with "I Am Doing and I Have Done."
We need to accept the fact - that we can only be sure of NOW. There is no such thing as the perfect conditions. Make up your mind to do that something you have been putting off. DO IT NOW everything else will come with time.
Have you phoned those people you wanted to stay in contact with?
Have you made the doctor or dentist appointment you keep putting off?
Have you told those close to you - I love you?
Have you returned that book or other things you borrowed?
Have you cleaned out your closet, cupboards, or garage lately? Do It Now and see how much better you feel.   

AAUW Buffalo Branch - BOOK SALE

1.)There are new books, next to new books, and gently read books.
2.) There are books on every subject imaginable, and books for every age.
3.) There are hard to find , rare and collectible books...There are more books than I have seen in bookstores !!!!

The books are priced so low, you will take away as many as you can carry. Proceeds from the sale will go toward scholarships given by  the AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF UNIVERSITY WOMEN - Buffalo Branch.
June 1st - 5th
2309 Eggert Road, Tonawanda, New York
Ask for my friend Laura, she will help you find the books you are looking for - I'll see you there !     

The Pathway To Higher Sensory Perception

I believe meditation is the pathway that leads to higher awareness - an awareness of things that are not usually known by using our physical sense alone.FOR EXAMPLE HIGHER AWARENESS IS:
Clairvoyance = Seeing... beyond the physical world. 
Clairaudience = Hearing... sounds on the astral plane and in the afterlife.
Clairsentience = Touching... and sensing unseen energies. 
Telepathy = Mentally... communicating with others.
Psychometry = Feeling ...an object and knowing things about the people or the event associated with that object.
Because I was a foster child, the local children weren't too friendly with me. That may be the reason I would, sometimes, close the door to the "real world" and tune into my inner self. I'm assuming that closing the door to the "real world" and opening the door to my inner self is what activated an area of the mind that brought about Higher Sensory Perception. 
Did you know that we are all naturally endowed with the ability to develop higher sensory perception, which I call HSP not ESP? And, did you know that HSP is a natural ability of our own higher self? And, did you know that our higher self is connected to a higher level of pure energy that can protect, heal and help us when called upon?
There is nothing strange or mysterious about HSP - it is our own higher self - the counterpart to the same everyday actions in our lives, only on a higher level. Are you using your HSP?