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February 2011

Law of Attraction

How have you used the "Law of Attraction" principals in your life?
How have you kept your mind-set positive throughout the day?
What have you manifested using the LOA?


Lets talk about MEDITATION...Do you know there are many forms of meditation? Even daydreaming may be referred to as a mild form of meditation. The more advanced form of meditation requires a total relaxation of both body and mind, whereby allowing a higher awareness to be achieved. Have you practiced meditation? If so, what were the results of some of your meditation sessions?   

A Rose for My Mother

Welcome to my Blog, my friends!
My newly published memoir, A Rose for My Mother, is an extraordinary true story, which may awaken in you - or confirm your belief - that "Hopes and Wishes Can Come True."
I will present brief statements from the book, and I look forward to your opinions, or comments regarding similar experiences you may have had. Also, I encourage you to introduce your own creative ideas to this blog, so that we may all benefit from your wisdom.
To begin, I would like to ask...How many of you believe that "We are never truly alone?" How many of you have had an experience with an unseen energy? I have!  Many times!
I know there are angels, (also called helpers or spirit guides) present in our lives... I didn't say "I believe" I said, "I know," because I have been touched by a loving presence at a time in my life of despair and great sorrow. 
Page 105:..."On my right side was a huge, bright, white light in the form of a man. He was sitting next to me, the same way I was sitting. My head was level with his knees. He told me, ~"You are not alone.~ I will always be with you."~