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Not Too Much - But Just Enough...

I Wish For You - Not Too Much, But Just Enough! 
1.Enough rain to appreciate the sunshine.
2. Enough pain to appreciate health and happiness.
3. Enough loss to appreciate what you have.
4. Enough lonely days to appreciate the love of family and friends.
Sweet dreams my friends. God loves you and I do, too...

Let's Make Ourselves A Few Promises...

Let's make ourselves a few promises:
1. To always walk in the light.
2. To stay loving and strong.
3. To accept nothing less than loyalty and honesty from others.
4. To believe and behave as our amazing selves truly are.
Let's all make it a great year. May this year bring us the best of luck and great joy.
Stay in the light my friends. God loves you and I do, too...

Let This Be Our Prayer

"Dear Heavenly Father,
We pray that You have mercy and send strength to all those who may be cold, hungry or without shelter at this time of year.
We pray that You comfort all those who are alone or estranged from their families and friends.
We pray that You protect all those who are serving in a foreign country or serving at home to defend our freedom.
We pray that You provide healing and recovery to all those who are sick, injured, or depressed and without hope.
We pray that You give assurance to all the families who have lost a loved one that they may know their loved ones are now living in the warmth and love of your light. All this we pray in the name of Jesus. Amen"

The Angels Want To Remind You...

The ANGELS want to remind you to "Have Faith, Miracles Do Happen"...
Miracles may happen at what appears to be the wrong time or the wrong place.
Miracles may happen in ways we thought they never could - that's what makes them miracles.
Miracles may seem totally Impossible to us, but they are totally Possible for GOD.

Making A List...

Making a list -
Checking it twice -
Getting My Priorities in order -
1. GOD................
2. SELF & HEALTH ...
Time for you to make a list!!!